Wow GoJek-Grab Has Competitors, AirAsia Goes Down to the Ground!

AirAsia Goes Down to the Ground! – The online transportation business aka ride-hailing in Southeast Asia is increasingly vibrant. After Grab and Gojek have dominated market share for the past decade, now it’s AirAsia’s turn to go ‘down to the ground’.

Yes, the airline based in Malaysia has indeed begun to look at the ride-hailing business starting this year. AirAsia is not even afraid of the two giant online transportation service providers that have already appeared in the Southeast Asian region.

What are some interesting facts about the online taxi service launched by AirAsia? Big Alpha summed it up for you.

GoJek-Grab Has Competitors

1. Starting from the Super App launched in 2020

AirAsia first launched the super application, aka Super App, in 2020. This application provides various facilities, such as food delivery services, hotel reservations, to online transportation services.

As an initial stage, this application only serves users in Malaysia. At the launch of the Super App in October 2020, AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes said that online taxi and motorcycle taxi services would be integrated with their aviation business.

2. Start operating in Malaysia

When launching the Super App in 2020, Tony said that online taxi and motorcycle taxi services would only be released after the Covid-19 pandemic subsided. However, considering the current situation, AirAsia finally officially operated its ride-hailing service in August 2021.

For the initial stage, AirAsia’s online transportation service serves passengers in Kuala Lumpur and Lembang Klang, before expanding to other cities in Malaysia.

If everything goes well, AirAsia will expand the scope of this online transportation service to other countries in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore.

3. Already 1,500 drivers have joined

AirAsia’s online transportation service has been enlivened with 1,500 drivers ready to take customers. AirAsia claims that the number of drivers will increase to 5,000 people in the next six months.

4. AirAsia acquires Gojek Thailand

In July 2021, AirAsia acquired Thailand’s Gojek with a value of US$ 50 million. Gojek also got a 4.76% stake from the AirAsia Super App.